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Q&A: Molybdenum

I would like to know its differen from tungsten.
It excels in workability even at relatively low temperature.
Both tungsten and molybdenum have similar characteristics: high melting point, high specific gravity, low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity. However, compared with tungsten, molybdenum is easier to be processed as well as stainless steel. The advantages in workability provides not only simple bending, but also press working, drawing, and complex cutting.  Therefore, molybdenum is used in an environment that does not require as high temperature as tungsten.
Does it have any size/shape restrictions?
We manufacture according to your request even the size or shape are not in our line-up. We specialize in a wide range of manufacturing, from the world's top class large rolled plates to the minimal processed product. Our variety of materials allow us to offer your needs. So, please contact us.
Can it be used in an air atmosphere furnace?
Molybdenum is not able to be used in an air atmosphere furnace.
It must be used in a vacuum or a reducing atmosphere furnace.
It reacts very little with oxygen at normal temperature, but it rapidly oxidizes at 500℃ or higher and sublimates at 650℃ or higher. Therefore, it must be used in a vacuum furnace or a hydrogen-reducing atmosphere furnace.