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Q&A: Tungsten/ Tungsten Carbide/ Cemented Carbide

Tungsten/ Tungsten Carbide/ Cemented Carbide

How do we dispose of used tungsten/ tungsten carbide?
We collect tungsten/ tungsten carbide scrap from all over the world and reuse them with our own recycling technology.
If you are troubled with how to dispose of used cemented carbide products, please consult us.
How hard cemented carbide is?
Cemented carbide is hard akin to diamond, and is three times harder than glass.
We can manufacture cemented carbides with higher hardness by various grains and compositions  of tungsten carbides.
For what kind of applications are double carbides/nitrides used?
Double carbides/ nitrides are used as additives for cemented carbide as well as the main raw material of cermet.
We have a variety of carbides and nitrides of chromium, vanadium, titanium and zirconium in our lineup.
With our own manufacturing method, we can offer the world's finest and homogeneous double carbide/nitride powders.