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Crucibles for crystal growth

Tungsten / molybdenum crucible

For various single crystal growths, tungsten / molybdenum crucibles are most suitable.
We can offer both sintered products and spinning products according to the growing single crystal method. We can also manufacture very large products (spinning product: D600 x H600 mm)
Featuring a long life even after repeated use, because of high density and uniform metal structure; these are widely used as crucibles for pulling single crystal sapphire, in particular.


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  Material Size
Outsize diameter (mm)
× Height (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Sintered products Molybdenum (max)D400×H400
Tungsten / molybdenum alloy (max)D300×H300
Tungsten (max)D200×H200
Spinning product Molybdenum (max)D600×H600 (max)15.0, (min)1.0

* Please contact us for specifications beyond those listed above.