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Light source/ Lamp parts

SMD-W (Electrode materials for discharge lamps)

Tungsten, which has the highest melting point among all metals, is used for electrode material for discharge lamps
Conventional tungsten is inadequate for recent discharge lamps that require higher output and larger size.
SMD-W (tungsten) is high-density tungsten manufactured, using our know-how can provide superior characteristics for discharge lamps that cannot be obtained with ordinary tungsten.
Beyond a rod material, we can also offer after applying final shaping and finishing of the electrode according to your requests.


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Type Grade Features
SMD-PFW Standard grade For all discharge lamps
SMD-EP High-performance grade Improves flushing-resistant performance with grains controlled
SMD-KT Ultra performance grade Further-advanced EP specifically intended  for electrodes
SMD-4N Lower impurities grade Used for types sensitive to impurities (W purity: 99.99% min.)
SMD-5N Ultra low impure content grade Suitable for highest purity requirement (W purity: 99.999% min.)