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Various processed products

Plated wires and corona wires


Various kinds of plating such as gold and platinum, corona wires with terminals and oxidized surface. Used for printers, copiers, air cleaners, etc.


Parts for CT scans

A processed product using molybdenum's excellent X-ray shielding and stiffness.
Used for parts of a medical device requiring high reliability, including collimators in CT scaners; it is a high precision processed product.


Molybdenum meshes

Setting for gas venting sintering of ceramics, etc., and furnace parts, such as heaters.

Width × length
Wire diameter 
1000×1000 0.35 24 44

* Consult  with us for specifications other than the above.


Coils and boats for vacuum evaporation

A tungsten product with high melting point and excellent corrosion resistance.
We respond to customer's specifications including coiling and bending.