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Molybdenum metal material

Taking advantage of easier-than-tungsten workability

Molybdenum has high melting point as same as tungsten.
With a variety of molybdenum metal materials that are consistently produced from raw materials, we can offer stable quality as well as finishing according to application or purpose.
We also offer highly functional materials with higher temperature deformation resistance.


Product category

Molybdenum wires

Molybdenum wires

As a high melting point metal easier to be processed than tungsten, it is used for various processing materials including high-temperature furnace parts.


Molybdenum rods

Not only thin wire but also thick rods are available; it can be used for materials for high-temperature furnace parts with complex shaped, etc.


Molybdenum sheets / plates

In addition to thin and thick plates for various applications, taking advantage of its workability, we can provide high-function materials with enhanced resistance to deformation in high temperature.