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Ultra-Precision cutting tool</br>"UPC" series

A lineup of cutting tools for various nano/micro-forming. The cutting edge polished accurately and measured carefully by our original technologies can machine workpieces in the order of nanometer to realize high precision micro-shape machining

Ultra-Precision cutting tool</br>"UPC-R"

This tool has a cutting edge with high precision profile within a wide working angle range to realize excellent shape machining.
This tool exhibits excellent performance in ultra-precision machining of spherical and aspherical surfaces.

ApplicationsMolds of pickup lenses for CD, DVD and Blu-ray, molds of lenses for digital cameras,, molds of camera lenses for cell phones, PC and tablets, infrared lenses, spherical/aspherical mirrors for laser/X-rays, various spherical and aspherical lenses, profile machining with ultra-precision machine
Ultra-Precision cutting tool</br>「UPC-F」

A tool ideal for high efficiency and ultra-precision cutting of planes and cylinders.
An ultra-precision cutting tool that significantly reduces or eliminates the time for running-in.

ApplicationsLaser reflection mirrors, polygon mirrors, copier photosensitive drums, plane and cylindrical mirror finishing
Ultra-Precision cutting tool</br>"UPC-T"

Ideal for ultra fine grooving of Fresnel lens, etc.
The shape of cutting edge tips is guaranteed in the order of submicron.

ApplicationsMolds of LCD light guide plates, Fresnel lens molds, optical sheet molds, various grating molds, other fine grooving
Ultra-Precision cutting for ultra fine grooving tool</br>"UPC-Nano groove"

Highly precise ultra fine grooving not achievable by the photolithography and ion beam processing can be realized.

ApplicationsHolographic grating molds, linear fine grooving, molds that require ultra fine grooving, optical sheet molds
Nano endmill(Square type)</br>"UPC-Nano endmill"

Free curve ultra fine grooving of the world's smallest class as small as groove width 30 μm is possible.

ApplicationsHolographic grating molds, free curve ultra fine grooving, LCD light guide plate molds, micromachine parts
Nano endmill(Ball type)</br>「UPC-Nano ballendmill」

The world' smallest class "R30 μm" and the world's highest accuracy of profile 50 nm have been realized.

ApplicationsMicro lens arrays, free curve sub-millimeter lenses, LCD light guide plate molds, micro parts machining
Formed ultra precision cutting tool </br>「UPC-Nano Profile」

A formed single crystal diamond cutting tool having a free curve cutting edge. Paraboloid and ellipse of profile accuracy less than 1μm can be machined in one shot

ApplicationsLCD panel optical sheet molds, microlens array molds, various optical element molds
Ultra-Precision cutting tool</br>"UPC" series

Our original minute cutting edge treatment* has been applied to the single crystal diamond cutting edge to improve the tool life.

ApplicationsInfrared sensor lenses, night vision camera lenses, germanium lenses, silicon lenses, calcium fluoride lenses, cobalt-less carbide molds
Nano polycrystalline diamond ultra precision cutting tool </br>"BL-UPC"

An ultra precision cutting tool that employs "SUMIDIA Binderless" on the UPC cutting edge. Long life in mirror-cutting of cemented carbide and machining of fine shapes is ensured.
SUMIDIA is the registered trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

ApplicationsMachining of cemented carbide glass lens molds, prism sheet large roll molds, light guide plate large molds, glass lenses and other high hardness and brittle materials
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