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About inquiries

Please enter particulars and press the [Check the Entries] button. When the entered data shown on the confirmation screen is correct, press the [Submit] button. We will revert to you in due course.
If you do not receive a reply from us within a week, your inquiry might not have reached us. Please use the telephone number shown on the left side to contact us.

We will not respond to the following:
・Sales offers, requests for questionnaires, surveys and contributions
・Slanders and inquiries that are not related to our products or services.

Precautions for entry:

  • ・Be specific.
  • ・Fields indicated by asterisk (*) are required.

Inquiry Form

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Handling of personal information collected through inquiries

1.Purpose of collecting information
The Company collects personal information for the purpose of responding to your inquiries.
2.Supplying or depositing personal information to a third party
The Company will not supply or deposit personal information collected through inquiries to any third party without your agreement.
3.Voluntariness of providing information
It is up to you whether when making inquiries, you provide personal information to the Company. Please understand, however, that if part of your personal information is not provided, the Company may not be able to respond to your inquiries.
4.Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information
You have a right to seek disclosure, correction and deletion of your personal information submitted. When you wish to disclose, correct or delete your personal information, please telephone us.