Tungsten, molybdenum and heatspreader materials

Processed products, etc.

Other processed products

Ceramic-coated molybdenum sheets / plates

The furnace operating efficiency is remarkably improved by using ceramic-coated molybdenum sheets & plates having anti-adhesion and anti-reacting functions with thickness further reduced to approx. 1/5 or less to replace conventional bulky ceramic sheets/plates with poor thermal efficiency.

Ceramic-coated molybdenum sheets & plates
Application Coating type Example of composition Example of
operating temperature
(in hydrogen atmosphere
or in vacuum)
Coating thickness
Sintering MIM
(SUS,Fe-Ni Ti,
Alloys Parts)
Alumina Al2O3 99.0% 1400℃ 30~150μm
Alumina-titania Al2O3-2.5%TiO2 1400℃
Alumina-zirconia Al2O3-25%ZrO2 1700℃
Zirconia-yttria ZrO2-8%Y2O3 1400℃
Zirconia-Silica ZrO2-33%SiO2 1400℃

Molybdenum meshes

Setters for venting gas produced when sintering ceramics, etc., and furnace parts such as heaters.

Molybdenum meshes
Width × length (mm) Wire diameter( mm) Mesh (approx.) Porosity (approx.)%
1000×1000 0.35 24 44

※Consult with us for specifications other than the above.

Coils and boats for vacuum evaporation

Tungsten products having high melting points and excellent corrosion resistance.
They meet various needs of customers such as coiling and bending.

Coils and boats for vacuum evaporation

Plated wires and tungsten corona wires

Corona wires processed by various types of plating including gold/platinum and having processed terminals and oxidized layer.
Widely used in many applications such as printers, copy machines, air cleaners, etc.

Plated wires and tungsten corona wires1
Plated wires and tungsten corona wires2

High-temperature furnace parts

Products made of tungsten and molybdenum designed and machined according to the specifications of customers.
Heaters and reflectors for high-temperature vacuum furnaces made by using our original materials having excellent properties in high temperature environment, base plates and trays used for sintering ceramic parts, rare earth magnets and nuclear fuels. These products have been widely used as devices and tools to move parts within high-temperature furnaces efficiently.

High-temperature furnace parts1
High-temperature furnace parts2

Parts for CT scan

Products made by exploiting excellent radiation shielding properties and high rigidity of tungsten and molybdenum. These are highly precise and accurate parts that have been employed as parts for medical equipment such as collimators for CT scan that demands high reliability.

Parts for CT scan

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