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Function of base stations and heatspreaders

As for the communication with smartphones and mobile phones that we normally use, have you ever considered how to communicate? Communication of mobile phone is performed at high speeds via "cell base stations". In fact, our heatspreader is indispensable for cell base stations. In this time, we will introduce how our heatspreaders support cell base station.

1.What is a cell base station?

Cell Base stations are one of the platforms for mobile phone communications. Cell base stations mainly consist of "master stations" that process digital signals, "slave stations" that convert digital signals into radio signals, and "antennas" that radiate radio signals in the direction aimed at, and are promoting efficient communication deployment by combining these in various ways. We don't usually see it, but cell base stations are installed on the rooftops of buildings, steel towers, and so on.

2.What is in a cell base station?

Cell base stations have wireless communication equipment. It is the heart of cell base stations. Several amplifiers are installed to amplify the base signal to the required level, and high power semiconductors are used in these amplifiers.
Our heatspreaser is used in the semicondutor for dissipating the heat generated from it.

3.Why does a wireless communication equipment require a heatspreader?

Heat is generated when current is applied to the semiconductor. If the heat is left as it is, it may cause a break down and must be dissipated. heatspreaders (heat-dissipating boards) are our products that are used to dissipate heat.
Heatspreader means "dissipating heat". There are various sizes. Advances in semiconductor technology will promote system efficiency, miniaturization, and energy savings, which will also have a positive impact on reducing the load on the global environment.
Advances in semiconductors have created demand for heatspreaders that efficiently dissipate heat. Our heatspreaders spport the progress of semiconductors and help create a prosperous future.


This time, we were talking about a cell base station and a heatspreader.
We have introduced that cell base stations are required for communication with smartphones and personal computers, wireless communication equipment in cell base stations has a large number of semiconductors that transmit and receive electric waves, and our heatspreaders are used in the semiconductor. We would be happy if you could remember that our heatspreader supports your lives from behind the scene.