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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

A.L.M.T. Corp. and Sumitomo Electric Group have established this Global Privacy Policy for the purpose of properly processing the personal data and protecting the rights and interest of our stakeholders.

A.L.M.T. Corp.
Name of the Chief Personal Data Manager
Manaeger, General Affairs Group,
Human Resources & Gerenal Affairs Department

Obtainment and Use of Personally Unidentifiable Attribute Information and Action History

On this website, behavioral targeting advertising (an advertising method to deliver advertisements according to the user's interest based on website browsing history), website management and access status measurement are performed, utilizing a program provided by a third party, such as an ad- serving provider.
During these activities, cookies are used to collect the user’s website visit history information- this does not contain personally identifiable information.
Third parties, such as ad- serving providers, use such cookies to deliver advertisements, manage the website and measure access status based on the information of the user’s past access to this website.
Users who want to disable the delivery of advertisements and measurement can disable the use of cookies through the "opt out" page provided by the third-party.
If you change your browser, delete cookies or start using a new PC, resetting will be required.

Click the URL below to complete the opting out process.