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Our Strengths

Our products are preferred in various fields, not only in Japan but also around the world.
Here are some reasons for our “strength”.

Strength1Various Products
with our Originarity
Unique and Original Product Range

We specialize in dealing with high melting point materials and hard-to-process materials, such as tungsten and molybdenum and produce products that take advantage of their features
Also, with our know-how and experience in integrated process from rough processing to finishing, we manufacture diamond tools.

Strength2Trustworthy and
Satisfactory Service for Customers
Trustworthy and Satisfactory Service for Customers

We do not stay in same situation; we continuously enhance our services, and we always develop ourselves. Our corporate culture –all employee tries to imagine the customer's perspective and put their ideas into action - is also one of the strengths of A. L. M. T. Corp.

Strength3History, Trust and
History, Trust and Performance

We have long year experiences from the prewar time in Osaka Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 1933 and Tokyo Tungsten Co., Ltd. Established in 1939.
Having the three important assets - history, trust and achievement - is another strength of A.L.M.T. Corp.

Strength4 Supporting Industries
on Global Scale
Supporting Industries on a Global Scale

We are expanding our business all over the world - Asia including ASEAN countries and China, the US and Europe. We support all industries globally - this is another strength of A.L.M.T.Corp.