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Supporting Industries on a Global Scale

Worldwide Network of A.L.M.T. Corp.

Not only in Japan but also in China, other Asian countries, the United States and Europe, A.L.M.T. Corp. is widely expanding its network of manufacturing and sales locations worldwide. By this extensive network, we can answer to customers’ requests quickly and flexibility.

Human “Diversity”

In order to answer to requests from customers all over the world, our international and diverse staffs are striving to make further progress daily.

Human “Diversity”

Supporting Global Industry in Every Way

The products of A.L.M.T. Corp., such as tungsten and molybdenum products, heatspreaders, diamond tools and wire drawing diamond dies, are actively fulfilling their respective roles daily, even though we cannot see them working.
We are focusing on daily research and development to deliver this wide range of products quickly and efficiently to our customers all over the world.
Here are just a few of our products manufactured in the world.

Cemented Carbide (high precision/Highly strong)

High-precision Thin-bladed Cutter
(High precision/ Highly strong)

High Performance Heatspreader materials
High Performance Heatspreaders
Grinding wheels
Grinding Wheels
Diamond dies
Wire Drawing Diamond Dies