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Technology of Recycling Tungsten

Recycling tungsten from solid or powder scraps

To recycle tungsten-based scrap such as used cemented carbide, oxidation roasting treatment is thoroughly requied. However, conventionally, it was impossible to oxide inside of scraps efficiently.

On the other hand, although recycling method using nitrate of soda(NaNO3) with high oxidizability has exothermic reaction and it is energy-saving, it is difficult to control its reaction.
For the problem, we have established mass production technology by developing molten salt dissolution method.
Moreover, we established more efficient method of ion exchange. Compared with conventional refining method that requires large equipment, it comes to be possible to refine only with small equipment.
Furthermore, with improved safety of exhaust gas, along with recycling ammonia, we offer environmentally-friendly business to recycle tungsten from solid and powder scraps at the same time.

Process (outline)