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Product Information

HIgh melting point and hard material powder

High melting point / Hard material powder

We have a production line from tungsten oxide powder to tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder, making the powders fine, low-volumed and high-quality. And, along with molybdenum powder, we can also offer carbide powders and carbonitride powders such as titanium, chromium, vanadium, zirconium.

cemented carbide

Cemented carbide

We have an integrated line from raw materials to cemented carbide. We provide cutting blades, thin plates, and pins according to applications.

tungsten metal material

Tungsten metal material

Since we have integrated production line from powders, we can offer various tungsten products. Depending on needs, products can be provided with various materials, finishing, and sizes. And, ultra high purity products are available.

molybdenum metal material

Molybdenum metal material

We can produce a wide range of molybdenum products from large plates (world's top level) to small products. Moreover, since we have vairous materials to each application, we can manufacture products meet your needs

Metal processing parts

Metal processing parts

From precision small parts to complex shape products and ultra-large crucibles, we maximize the features of our own materials, allowing us to produce ideal materials and products for each application.


High performance Heatspreader

To solve heat generation problem caused from high-powered and high-speeded semiconductors, and to support the advanced semiconductor technology, we offer various heatspreaders that meet customer needs.

Diamond/CBN tools width=

Diamond / CBN tools

As a comprehensive manufacturer of diamond and CBN tools, with the know-how we have cultivated over many years, our unique ultra-precision processing technology continually runs at the cutting edge of precision processing.

Materials and parts

Cutting tools, grinding tools, dies, etc.