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Diamond/CBN  grinding wheel

Diamond/CBN grinding wheel

Diamond/CBN tools are used in various industries that include the automobile, tool, electronics and semiconductor industries. Our diamond/CBN grinding wheels respond to various needs for high precision, high efficiency and long life machining tools.



A dresser is a diamond tool for forming general whetstones and CBN wheels. As complex and precise shape accuracy is required for precision automotive parts, high precision bearings, aircraft parts and other types of total shape grinding, a high precision rotary dresser is indispensable.

Diamond/CBN  cutting wheel

Diamond/CBN cutting wheel

Diamond has excellent "hardness" and "heat diffusibility" as a cutting tool material, and when polished, "sharp cutting edge" can be formed.Our diamond cutting tool, taking advantage of these characteristics, provides super-precision machining, machining with long service life, high efficiency and high precision.

Diamond drawing dies wire drawing tool

Diamond drawing dies wire drawing tool

We manufacture diamond dies of high quality and long life using our rich know-how and product quality assurance derived from state-of-the-art equipment. We have a production system that meets the global demand accompanying the expansion of the electronics industry, offering detailed response to all needs related to diamond dies.

Mechanical equipment/others

Mechanical equipment/others

We offer a variety of services even in the peripheral area of diamond/CBN tool processing, including general whetstones of Tyroleut Co., Ltd., the No. 1 whetstone manufacturer in Europe.

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