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Cemented carbides

Ultra-thin, Ultrafine, High precision

We offer cemented carbide by mixing and sintering our raw material powders. Selecting raw material powders and proposing cemented carbide shapes such as square plates and round rods, we will design and manufacture ideal products to meet customer requests.


Product category

Precision square knife

Cemented carbide
cutting blade

In addition to films and foils, our blades can precisely cut molded bodies before sintering. They are used in application needs wear / buckling resistance.

Precision round knife

Cemented carbide plate

We developed cemented carbide plate with a minimum thickness of 50 μm. As not only the plate has less warped property, but also it we have surface cleaning technology for the plate, it is used for medical applications where high cleanness is required.

Precision rod

Precision rod

Since the rod has high hardness and high strength , it has been used for ultra high precision tools to process semiconductor-related products.