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powder & Hard Metal Division

Powder & Hard Metal Division

Ultrafine, High-purity, High precision

We manufacture and sell a variety of products, including:
- Tungsten powder used for wire bonding materials for semiconductors and electronicsas well as radiation shields. 
- Tungsten carbide powder and carbonitride powder used as raw material for cemented carbide tools. 
- Cemented carbide cutting blades for processing electronic parts.
We also have our own efficient system for recycling tungsten products, utilizing rare metal resources effectively.

Tungsten_Molybdenum production Division

Tungsten/Molybdenum Production Division

High melting point, High density, Ultra large

Under strict quality control, we conduct full-scale manufacturing metallic materials and processed products.
These are used for electrodes in various electronics and heat-resistant members for high temperature furnaces.
In order to realize the optimum performance, we offer a variety of materials, sizes, finishing and processes.

Heatspreader Division

Heat Spreader Division

High thermal conductivity, Low thermal expansion, New composite materials

Taking advantages of materials such as tungsten, molybdenum, and diamond, A.L.M.T. Corp. manufactures high quality heatspreader materials. Applications of these materials include electronics, automotive, airplane, and many more.

Precision Diamond products Division

Precision Diamond Products Division

High-hardness, Ultra-high-precision, Ultra-high-accuracy

Our diamond / CBN tools which utilize the properties of the hardest-among-all diamond to enable nano-level high accuracy machining are active in many processings in various industries.
Our lineup also includes wire drawing diamond dies / wear-resistant tools for various wire rods.