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Cemented Carbide Cutting Blade
(High Precision/High Strength)

Cemented Carbide Cutting Blade 

We have fully integrated manufacturing from raw material powder of cemented carbide to finish product processing.
Ultra-precision processing technology allows us to provide a minimum thickness as low as 0.1mm.
We propose customers not only products but suitable cutting adge treatment for the objects, sharpness and durability.
Our thin-bladed cutter keeps its sharp cutting quality in spite of long-time cutting.
Its longevity is 150 to 300 times longer than SUS materials.
These cutters are applied to ceramic capacitors (green sheets), film, foil, fiber and other products.
(image is High-precision thin-bladed cutter)

T(mm) 0.1~
H(mm) 18~27
L(mm) 30~250
θ 10°~90°
Single-edged, Double-edged,
Stepped, 2-stage, 3-stage

*Contact us for dimensions other than the above.