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Cemented carbide cutting blade

Cemented carbide cutting blade
(High Precision / High Strength)

We have fully integrated manufacturing process from raw material powder to cemented carbide products.
With our processing technology, it is possible to provide a minimum thickness of 0.1mm.
Selecting materials with suitable sharpness and durability, we design cemented carbide cutting blade. (including cutting edge treatment)
These blades are used  to cut green sheets of ceramic capacitors, film, foil, fiber and other products.
Our blade keeps its sharp cutting quality in spite of long-time cutting.
Its longevity is 150 to 300 times longer than carbon tool steel cutters.

T(mm) 0.1~
H(mm) 18~
L(mm) 30~235
θ 10°~90°
Single-edged, Double-edged,
Stepped, 2-stage, 3-stage

*Contact us for dimensions other than the above.