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Function of Endoscopy and heatspreader.

Have you ever taken an "endoscopy"? A small, camera-equipped, thin tube is inserted through the mouth to examine the stomach and bowel. It is a inspection that looks painful. This time, we will talk about the reason why endoscopy is important and why a heatspreader is needed for endoscope.

1.Why is endoscopy needed?

Why is endoscopy needed?
By using a small camera (endoscope) attached to the tube and directly observing the esophagus, stomach, and large bowel, etc., it is possible to discover illnesses that cannot be diagnosed by general health examinations. For example, people can detect serious illnesses, such as stomach, esophageal, and colorectal cancer, and start treatment early.
It may be a little painful, but it is an inspection that you must do to make your life more healthy.

2.Latest endoscopy?

Latest endoscopy?
It seems that not only tubes but also capsule-type endoscopy with little damage have been carried out recently.
A capsule-type endoscope is the latest inspection in which you drink a capsule with a small camera together with moisture and take pictures of the inside of the stomach or bowel with the capsule.
Children and the elderly can take this without much resistance.

3.Why is a heatspreader needed for endoscopy?

Why is a heatspreader needed for endoscopy?

One of our main products, heatspreader is a material that dissipates heat from machinery that generates heat. It is thin plate and there is various sizes.
A capsule-type endoscope have a white LED that acts as a flash, a battery, an image data transmitter,and a small image sensor (CMOS) that is often used in digital cameras.For getting clear pictures even in dark places in the stomach or bowel, strong light is required. Of course,the strong light requires a large amount of energy and generates high heat. A heatspreader is used to constantly dissipate the heat generated.
If the heatspreader is not in use, the heat generated by the LED lamps will become increasingly high and the inspection machine itself may get some errors.
A heatspreader is also required to extend the life time of the endoscope.


This time, we were taking about endocsopy and a heatspreder.
We would like you to know that endoscopy is important for maintaining your health and our heatspreader supports your health from behind the secne. Please look forward to the next story as well.