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Relationship between Power Modules for Electric Railways and heatspreader (heat-dissipating substrate materials)

What do you use to commute and go to work or school?
There are people who use a bicycle or walk because it is near their homes, or those who drive because it is a little far away, but we think there are many people who use public transportation such as trains.
This time, we are talking about the heatspreader for power modules (heat-dissipating substrate materials), which supports the trains and trains that are normally used by everyone.

1. What is a power module for electric railways?

A train that you normally get on is installed a parts called power module.
A power module is an assembly of electronic components that can be replaced in whole. It can vary in size and shape.
The motor is a power source for acceleration and deceleration of the train, so it must operate correctly. In order for the motor to operate correctly, it is necessary to provide an accurate current supply to the motor, and the power module is used for this purpose. It has been a little longer, but it means that high-performance power modules are essential for the motors, which are the power sources of electric railways, to work correctly.


2. A heatspreader for the power module? Why is it necessary?

The power module generates heat when controlling the power sent to the motor. If the heat is not dissipated properly, the temperature of the power module itself will be raised more and more, leading to breakdown. Heatspreader is used for a power module to avoid it.
Power modules used in electric railways have high output power so that high-performance heatspreader which has higher thermal conductivity and coefficient thermal expansion matched with surrounded materials are requrired.
In addition, several hundreds power modules are used for 16-car Shinkansen trains, also several hundreds of heatspreaders. A lot of heatspreaders are indispensable for the trains you normally use to drive properly.


3. Summary

This time, we were talking about power modules for electric railways and heatspreaders (heat-dissipating substrate materials).
We would appreciate it if you could remember even a little bit that the heatspreader is actually used in the trains that everyone usually rides.
Please look forward to the next story again.


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