Corporate Information


■Tungsten, molybdenum and, materials for heat-spreaders

We’re manufacturing products consistently from materials with the skills of powder metallurgy, and also confidently making a variety of suggestions as specialists of developing new materials, processing complexes and designing products. We’ve thankfully acquired world-top-class evaluation especially about heat-spreaders for electronic modules, parts for high temperature furnace and raw powder for cemented carbides.

Tungsten, molybdenum and, materials for heat-spreaders

■Diamond tools

With the use of characteristics of diamond, the hardest material on the earth, our diamond / cBN tools enable you to process materials down to the nanometer level. And those tools contribute to advancement of “cutting, grinding and polishing” in every industry.
Also, we’re manufacturing a wide variety of diamond dies for wire drawing. The dies correspond to different kinds of wire rod, from 29mm in diameter, the largest, to 8μm in diameter, the smallest.

Diamond tools