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Monocrystal Diamond Cutting Tool New D

New D



  1. ・Less variation in tool life and cutting ability and 1.5 to 2 times longer tool life than conventional tools.
  2. ・Less fusion of chips to make this tool suitable for dry/semi-dry machining (MQL machining).
  3. ・Sharp cutting to enable burr-free machining.



・Automotive parts (piston, aluminum wheel, commutator)
・Electronic equipment parts (plastic lens, resin parts)
・HDD parts, aluminum die cast alloy, other non-ferrous metals



Technical Data
An example of dry cutting (Comparison of cutting force)
An example of dry cutting  (Comparison of cutting force)
Work material ADC12(Si 11.5% contained)
Machine CNC lathe
Tool New D, PCD tool
Rake angle 0゜ Relief angle 7゜
Conditions Cutting speed: 565 m/min
Feed rate: 0.1 mm/rev
Removal: 0.2 mm/dia.
Coolant New D・・Dry
PCD・・Dry, water soluble emulsion





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