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Ultra-Precision Cutting Tool UPC

“Nanometer sharpness, evolution of UPC” “UPC Ultra-Precision Cutting Tool”
A.L.M.T. Corp., as a leading manufacturer of ultra-precision diamond cutting tools, offers a broad range of nano- and micro-forming cutting tools to meet market needs. Our many years of experience and abundant know-how have provided us with a comprehensive understanding of the optimal physical properties of single crystal diamond. Our state-of-the-art development process yields the highest precision in tool edge measurement. As a result, our diamond cutting tools achieve high-precision microscopic cutting of workpieces to the order of nanometer.

Ultra-Precision Cutting Tool UPC

  1. ・Best crystal orientation of single crystal diamond set according to applications.
  2. ・Sharp and unshakable cutting edge having a nose roundness less than 50 nm.
  3. ・Cutting edge profile accuracy of straightness of 10 nm and contour (roundness) of 50 nm.
  4. ・The employment of synthetic diamond having less variation in quality provides longer tool life.


・Aspherical plastic lens molds
  CD/DVD/BL optical pickup lens, mobile phone/smart phone camera lens molds, digital camera lens
  f/θ lens, LDE light collimator lens
・Aspherical lens/mirrors
  Polygonal mirrors, laser reflective mirrors, infrared (Si, Ge) lens
・LCD display optical film molds, LCD display waveguides, copier photosensitive drums

Technical Data
Smooth and sharp cutting edge

High accuracy of cutting edge profile

Best selection of diamond and the crystal orientation

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