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Diamond Drawing Dies

Single Crystal Diamond Drawing Dies

Diamond drawing dies produced by A.L.M.T. Corp. who has the top-class market share and manufacturing capacity in the world.
We are able to propose diamond drawing dies that are most suitable for applications of customers based on our abundant experience and achievements.
Our products are produced by latest equipment and a strict quality assurance system to ensure that they are used by customers safely and satisfactorily.

Single Crystal Diamond Drawing Dies


Single crystal diamond, an ultimate material having high hardness, high rupture strength and high thermal conductivity, is carefully checked for quality and then selected and used. The crystal orientation and shape to provide the highest performance are incorporated in our design of dies. Standard diamond drawing dies having both of the high accuracy and the long life.


Soft wire products: Copper wire, aluminum wire, brass wire, gold wire, etc.
Hard wire products: Stainless steel wire, brass plated steel wire, galvanized steel wire, copper plated steel wire, tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, etc.

Technical Data
Applicable sizes of diamond drawing dies

(unit: mm)

Type Applicable size range Standard tolerance(um) Standard case
Outside diameter Height
Single crystal diamond <0.04 0.3 25 5.6
0.04 or over to less than 0.10 0.5 25 5.6
0.10  ~0.50   1.0 25 7
0.50  ~1.00   1.5 25 9

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