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Fixed Abrasive Lapping Plate “DPG Wheel”

The DPG Wheel is an environment-friendly fixed abrasive diamond lapping plate to replace conventional lapping.

DPG Wheel
DPG Wheel


1) Merits of using the DPG Wheel:
  ①Clean work environment
   ・A drastic reduction of industrial wastes.
   ・No need of cleanup with chlorinated organic solvent.
  ②Grinding speed 5 to 100 times faster than loose abrasive lapping.
  ③Cost reduced by long lasting plate and gear.
  ④Integration of pre-grinding and lapping in one process.

2) Features of the DPG wheel
  ①Divisible cassette plate type (Base plate needs not be replaced)
  ②MDP bond (general purpose) and VDP bond (super fine grain)

  • ・Brittle materials such as sapphire, crystal, optic glass and crystallized glass
  • ・Various kinds of ceramics such as alumina, silicon carbide, zirconia, Altic and alumina nitride
  • ・Iron materials such as cold rolled steel, bearing steel, tool steel and stainless steel
  • ・Magnetic materials such as ferrite
  • ・Semiconductor materials such as silicon and sapphire
  • ・Cemented carbide

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