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Grinding tools

Si/SiC/LT Wafer Fixed Abrasive Processing “Nanomate”

The “Nanomate” wheel is a diamond wheel suitable for ultra precision grinding such as grinding of semiconductor wafers and back grinding of devices.

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  • ・A vitrified bond wheel having high abrasive grain holding power.
  • ・Super fine diamond abrasives, yet continuous low grinding force and long no-dress continuous grinding.
  • ・The grinding force in the ultrafine grain area is 1/10 of the resin bond wheel.
  • ・Low grinding force to restrain changes in machine posture to realize higher processing accuracy.
  • ・The employment of fine abrasives and ultrafine abrasives combined with low grinding force provides shallower affected layers.
Grinding force
Grinding force is 1/10 of resin bond wheel.

Primary grinding
  • ・As-sliced wafer
  • ・Different material wafer
  • ・Reclaimed wafer
  • ・Power device wafer
Final mirror finishing
  • ・Ground wafer
  • ・Lapped wafer
  • ・Device wafer
  • ・MEMS wafer
  • ・Power device wafer

Technical Data
An example of increased wafer traverse rupture strength when Nanomate is used for back grinding
Increased wafer traverse rupture strength

Increased wafer traverse rupture strength

12-inch wafer An example of grinding by Nanomate Height 25μm

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