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Superabrasive Reamer “Super Sizing”

A superabrasive bore finishing tool that is capable of highly accurate finishing by one pass.

Super Sizing
Super Sizing

  • ・Shorter bore finishing time.
  • ・No need of adjustment of the tool diameter.
  • ・Less influenced by the accuracy of prepared holes.
Comparison of bore finishing performance of Super Sizing and other tools
Performance Operation
Super Sizing Honing Internal grinding Fine bore milling
Roundness & cylindricity
Surface roughness
Retention of bore size ×
Machining efficiency
Machining of oil hole, notch and key groove ×
Long bore relative to bore diameter ×


・Automotive parts, construction machine parts, hydraulic parts
・Work material: Ductile iron (FCD), gray cast iron (FC material), other hardened steel

Technical Data
Machining accuracy of Super Sizing
Roundness 2μm or better
Cylindricity 2μm or better
Surface roughness Ry2μm or better
Bore accuracy φ4μm or better
Tool specifications and accuracy
Tool spec cBN #40~200
DIA #50~400
Run-out 0.005mm max.
Tool O.D. tolerance ±0.005mm(standard)
±0.002mm(high accuracy)

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