Tungsten, molybdenum and heatspreader materials

Cemented carbides

Precision knife/precision rod

Precision knife
●Square type

【Features of the products】
●Maintains sharp edges over long-time cutting.
●Realizes chipping “submicron” by the micropolishing technology.
●Realizes a minimum thickness of 0.05 mm and high straightness by the ultra-high-precision machining technology.
●150 to 300 times longer life than SUS materials.
●Cutter replacement intervals extended substantially.

High-precision thin-blade cutter

▲High-precision thin-blade cutter

T(mm) 0.05~
H(mm) 18~27
L(mm) 30~250
θ 10°~90°
Edge shape Single-edged , double-edged, stepped, 2-stage, 3-stage

※Contact us for dimensions other than the above.

【Examples of application of products】
●Ceramic capacitors (green sheets)
●For tape
●For film

●Round type

Our cemented carbide slitters are excellent cutters for magnetic tape, capacitors, paper, plastics and metals and offer good durability 10 times greater than that of steel.
Cemented carbide slitter knife units are also manufactured.
Metal-slitting saws are used for metal-slitting of magnetic heads, frames of glasses, etc.

※Designed and manufactured according to your requirements.

▲Slitter/metal-slitting saws Cemented carbide slitter knife unit

▲Slitter/metal-slitting saws

Precision rod

Not only small-diameter pins for ultra-high-precision jigs and tools for manufacturing semiconductor-related products, but also dot pins for dot printers, punch pins and so on are widely manufactured by using high-hardness and high-strength materials.

Material Transverse
Hardness/HRA Application
FM10K 3.3 91.5 For mold pin
FM70S 4.0 88.5 For dot pin

▲Cemented carbide wires

Cemented carbide materials

We supply cemented carbide materials manufactured by mixing and sintering our own powder materials. We offer optimum design/manufacturing solutions according to your requests from selection of raw material powder to selection of shapes like square sheets and round rods.

Properties of cemented carbide
Type Hardness
Application Microstructure
H10 92.5 2.1 Cutting tools for cast iron
Cutting tools for nonferrous metals
FM10K 91.5 3.3 ・For microtools such as end mills, taps
and drills
・For cutting edges for ceramic capacitors,
metal foils, magnetic tapes, paper,
resin films, etc.
・Punch pin, dot pin
FM20K 90.0 3.4
FM21K 89.0 2.9
FM70S 88.5 4.0

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