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Electrode materials for discharge and other lamps

SMD-W (Electrode materials for discharge lamps)

We have developed SMD-tungsten that is most suitable for electrodes of discharge lamps that receive arc and are exposed to ultrahigh temperatures. It has the world’s highest level of density. Though in recent higher power and upsizing situations, it maintains a long life and excellent thermal conductivity.

Electrode materials for discharge lamps (SMD - tungsten)
Type Grade Features
SMD-PFW Standard
For all discharge lamps
SMD-EP High-performance
Improved flushing-resistant performance with grains controlled
SMD-KT Ultraperformance
Further advanced EP specially intended for electrodes
SMD-4N Low impure content
Used for the types sensitive to impurities (W purity: 99.99% min.)
SMD-5N Ultralow impure content
Suitable for highest purity requirement (W purity: 99.999% min.)

Electrodes for ultra high pressure mercury and metal halide lamps

Tungsten electrode assembled with pin and coil. One piece type made by melting.

Electrodes for ultra high pressure mercury and metal halide lamps
Type Features
CY Standard pure tungsten
EX Doped tungsten having controlled crystal grains and resistance to deformation.
4N-W Purity of tungsten 99.99% min.
5N-W Purity of tungsten 99.999% min.

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