Research and Development

Highly efficient electroplated wheel having improved “cutting ability” and “evacuation of chips.” Fine slit electroplated wheel

The conventional electroplated wheels have a drawback that the “cutting ability” and “evacuation of chips” deteriorate rapidly due to an increase of the number of active grains as grinding progresses since the number of abrasive grains to fix is so large that it cannot be controlled.
In order to overcome this drawback, we have developed a technology to form slits by fine masking during electroplating, which enables it to control the number of active grains as needed.

Fine slit electroplated wheel


・As the optimum number of active grains can be set according to properties of workpieces, deterioration of the cutting ability can be minimized.
・Evacuation of chips is improved (thanks to fine slits).
・Applicable to formed wheels also.

Fine slit electroplated wheel

Fine slit electroplated wheel


・Grain fixing area: Settable freely (50% – 80%)
・Grain: Diamond, CBN
・Grain size: #80 – 325
・Wheel size: OD φ40 – 300 mm x width 5 – 100 mm
・Grain layer: Straight, formed

Examples of application

An example of grinding magnetic material (Comparison with a conventional electroplated wheel)

Grinding force transition

※The conventional electroplated wheel caused burn due to loading by chips and was unable to continue grinding. The fine slit electroplated wheel suffered no loading by chips and continued grinding with a consistent grinding force (cutting ability) up to the end.