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Device Packaging Conference was a successful event! Thank you for visiting our booth.

A.L.M.T. Corp. will participate in 16th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging, scheduled from 3-4, March, 2020.
There we will showcase Heatspreaders (including Ag-Diamond) and Wafers.

 16th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging

   • Dates : 3-4, March, 2020
   • Venue : WeKoPa Resort and Conference Center, AZ, USA

Main Exhibits;

-1. Ag-Diamond Heatspreader
     Features: High Thermal Conductivity, more than 600 W/m・K.
                     Low Co-Efficient Thermal Expansion, less than Pure Copper.
                     High heat resistance; It can be assembled by normal silver-brazing at 800℃.
     Applications: High Performance Ceramics Package, Heatspreader for SiC/GaN High Powered Device.

-2. Metal Wafers with Low Thermal Expansion: Mo(Molybdenum), Cu-Mo(Copper Molybdenum) and Cu-W(Copper Tungsten)
     Features: Thermal expansion is so close to semiconductor elements (Si, GaN, SiC) that heat stress on the elements can be reduced.
                     And Ni/Au plating for soldering are available.
     Applications: Heat Dissipation Plate for WLP (Wafer-level packaging). Support Wafer for Wafer Bonding.