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  A virtual conference, "17th International Conference on Device Packaging", on 12-15, Apr. was a successful event! Thank you for visiting our booth.


Dear Sir or Madam,

A.L.M.T. Corp. is going to participate virtually in the 17th International Conference on Device Packaging, on 12-15, April. And there, we'll deliver a technical presentation about our latest heatspreader, Ag-Diamond! CLICK HERE for the official website!

Here are some of our main exhibits:

Ag-Diamond Heatspreader
・High thermal conductivity, more than 600 W/(m・K).
・Low coefficient of thermal expansion.
・Resistance for high temperature; It can be assembled by silver-brazing at 780℃.

CPC (Cu/CuMo/Cu) Heatspreader
・High thermal conductivity.
・The coefficient of thermal expansion is adjustable.
・Available with mass production.

Metal Support Wafers :Mo, Cu-Mo and Cu-W
・High thermal conductivity.
・The thermal expansion is so close to semiconductor wafers (Si, GaN, SiC).
・Ni/Au plating for soldering are available.

If you're interested in these thermal solution items, please visit the website of the event :)

17th International Conference on Device Packaging
Date :12-15, April, 2021
Website (registration): CLICK HERE

17th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging