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A.L.M.T. Corp.

Wheel for ultra high-speed grinding
"HIG-S" (Electroplated type)

Wheel for ultra high-speed grinding </br> "HIG-S" (Electroplated type)
Wheel for ultra high-speed grinding </br> "HIG-S" (Electroplated type)

Ideal for high efficiency and high quality processing

A lineup of "HIG Wheels" for ultra high-speed grinding.
The use of a high precision body and shipping inspection according to high-speed grinding requirements realize a high level of safety and high efficiency & high quality.


  • The carefully selected body material and shipping inspection ensure a high level of safety. Outstanding grinding efficiency is realized. Long wheel life produces excellent ground surfaces.


Industry/automobile, bearings, home appliances, tool, machine, gear, mold; Application/mass production parts processing ; Work/cam, crankshaft, injection needle, rocker arm, turbo parts, compressor parts, bearings, linear bearings, ball screw, motor parts, machine tool bed


  • Automobile/transportation equipment, machine/tool, bearings

Work Material

  • Ferrous material

Processing Method

  • Surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, and other grinding

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