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Heatspreader development (Mg-SiC, Ag-Diamond, CPC-300)

Aiming at higher-performance heatspreaders

A high performance heatspreader is indispensable to achieve the design performance of the semiconductors being developed day by day. We are working to develop new heatspreaders day and night by taking each customer's request individually.

Next generation heatspreaders (Mg-SiC for electric railway IGBT)

Mg-SiC, manufactured from Mg ingot and SiC powder using our own powder filling and infiltration technologies, is suitable for the mass production of large products.
We can change the composition ratio of Mg and SiC for the Mg-SiC material having thermal expansion of 7.0 ppm and thermal conductivity of 230 W/mK to customize the thermal expansion.
Its shape can be kept stable even during the heat cycle test because of the small variation of the warped shape.

Next generation heatspreaders (Mg-SiC for electric railway IGBT)


Item Typical value
Specific gravity 2.8
Thermal conductivity(R.T.) 230W/(m・K)
Coefficient of average linear thermal expantion(R.T.~120℃) 7.0ppm/K
Young’s modulus 160GPa
Transverse rupture strength 400MPa


Characteristic/Temperature dependence  of thermal conductivity

Next generation heatspreaders (DMCH Ag-Diamond)

Ag, having a higher thermal conductivity than Cu, is the material with the highest thermal conductivity among metals. This Ag and diamond powder are mixed and sintered by our own technology to successfully produce a new material with thermal conductivity of 600 W or more. This new material, allowing us to manufacture materials larger than the conventional diamond materials, is the diamond heat radiation material to be used for various applications including the PKG base plates for large output and the heat dissipation substrate for large-size devices.
In addition, it provides a lower decrease in thermal conductivity caused by heat history than the conventional diamond materials.
We can apply a highly heat resistant plating film capable of general silver brazing to the surface, or offer an assembly product of this Ag-Diamond partially soldered to the base material of Cu, etc.

Next generation heatspreaders (DMCH Ag-Dia)

Characteristics (Typical value)

Item Typical value
Thermal conductivity (23℃) 630W/(m・K)
Average thermal
expansion coefficient
R.T.~400℃ 8.9 ppm/K
R.T.~800℃ 10.5 ppm/K
Specific heat 0.34 kJ/kg・K
Thermal conductivity
after 800℃ heat treatment
No change
Specific gravity 5.9
Young’s modulus (23℃) 346 GPa
Tensile strength (23℃) 390 MPa
Poisson’s ratio (23℃) 0.24
Electric resistance 7.27×10-8Ωm

Heatspreader for mobile base stations (CPC)

CPC is a composite material with a laminated structure with Cu layers above and below the Cu-Mo composite material. Thermal conductivity and linear expansion coefficient can be changed by combining the composition of the core material Cu-Mo and the lamination ratio. In addition, because both surfaces are Cu, the initial heat radiation effect is excellent.
It is mainly used for wireless communications, especially amplifier substrates of mobile phone base stations.

Heatsinks for mobile base stations (CPC)

Type and structure of CPC