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Heatspreader materials

A.L.M.T.Corp. The worlds only true “Allied” high performance heatspreaders manufacturer.

We offer a wide variety of heatspreaders of high thermal conductivity to meet various needs of customers.


Thermal properties of Heatspreader Materials 

Thermal properties of Heatspreader Materials 
Thermal properties of Heatspreader Materials

Product category

Pure metal Category (Mo)

Pure metal Category (Mo)

These have low thermal expansion close to Si chips, and superior mechanical properties. These are most suitable for high-power/high-reliability heatspreader. Various machining processes including pressing can be done on these materials.

Metal Composites, Alloy Category (Cu-W, Cu-Mo)

Metal Composites, Alloy Category (Cu-W, Cu-Mo)

Composite materials of copper and tungsten or molybdenum. By varying the percentage of copper, a wide range of coefficients of thermal expansion (6.5 to 13.5 ppm/K RT - 800°) is available.

Ceramics Category (Sintered Al-SiC, Mg-SiC,AlN)

Ceramics Category (Sintered Al-SiC, Mg-SiC,AlN)

Al-SiC produced from Al powder and SiC powder using powder metallurgy technology is suitable for small volume production. MgSiC produced from Mg mass and SiC powder using infiltration technology is suitable for large-volume production. AlN is a material with high electric insulation and low dielectric constant. Various metallization treatments are available at your request.

Diamonds Category (Sumicrystal, CVD diamond, DMCH, AgDia)

Diamonds Category (Sumicrystal, CVD diamond, DMCH, Ag-Diamond)

Diamond has higher thermal conductivity about 5 times that of copper. Using our own technology, we offer a variety of diamond materials such as synthetic diamond single crystal (Sumicrystal), high purity polycrystalline diamond (CVD diamond), composite material of metal, and diamond (Cu-Diamond, Ag-Diamond).

Technology of heat-radiating substrate material (Heatspreader)

Surface treatment technologies

Various surface treatment technologies

Adequately treated surface is needed for heatspreaders to bond semiconductor elements and package members. Also a good surface condition is necessary to provide highly reliable members that will not rust or corrode under severe environmental conditions. We have a wide variety of surface treatment facilities. And as part of the integrated manufacturing process including processing raw materials, we conduct such surface treatment operations as plating and metalizing.

High precision processing technology

High precision processing technology

Heatspreaders used for optical communication are required to have high form accuracy in the order of micron. Submounts for high-power laser need to have sharp edges. A.L.M.T. owns many machine tools including machining centers and electric discharge machines to do highly precise machining internally.

Development of next-generation heatspreaders

Heatspreader development

Semiconductors that progress day by day require high-performance heatspreaders in order to achieve the designed performance. We carefully take customers need one by one and devote ourselves to the development of new heatspreaders.