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FAQ/Heatspreader materials

What is the thermal expansion anisotropy of PCM and RCM?
It means that there is a difference in expansion coefficient depending on the rolling direction and the rolling vertical direction. We can also provide PCM and RCM with no anisotropy.
Can we purchase the material?
Basically, we do not sell materials. We sell parts with shape processing plus surface treatment (plating, etc.).
Is it possible to solder the material?
The material itself has no solder wettability, so surface treatment (Ni plating, etc.) is required.
Is it possible to purchase even small quantities?
Yes. Small quantities are also possible.
Can you deliver a prototype product quickly?
We try our best to respond to the delivery date customers request, so please contact us.
What does “30” of PCM 30 refer to?
The number attached to the back of PCM and RCM provides the Cu content percentage (wt%).
What does the number behind CPC indicate?
It shows the ratio of the layer thickness, Cu:* PCM : Cu.
For example, CPC 141 indicates Cu: PCM: Cu = 1: 4: 1.
Only CPC-300 indicates that the thermal conductivity is 300 W/(m・K).
* PCM: our designated name for copper molybdenum alloy
Is resist processing possible?
We support it if it is of the thermosetting type. For details, please contact us.
I would like to know the standard design guide (dimension accuracy, etc.)
Our sales staff will bring the design guide.
We consider proceeding evaluation with trial product first. Could we order small quantity for trial?
Trial products with small quantity are available. Please feel free to ask our sales.
Could you tell us the maximum size of Ag-Diamond ALMT can produce?
□50×2mm is the maximum size of Silver-Diamond (Ag-Diamond, AD90) officially. If you need larger than □50×2mm, however, we will consider test production upon request.
How can Ag-Diamond be joined with another materials?
With Ni plating or Ni-Ag plating, Ag brazing or soldering will be available.
If you have a standard item for CPC141, could you tell us the size and the specification?
We do not have a standard item for CPC Heatspreader. We draw a design and make a quotation individually for the size and specification you request.
Is hole drilling available for CPC141?
Yes, hole drilling is available.
How many is the minimum batch quantity of CPC141?
We are happy to produce from a few pieces.
How long is the standard lead time of CPC141?
Although it depends on quantity and specification of plating or surface treatment of Heat Spreader, we can usually ship within several weeks.
How much is the largest size of Sumicrystal and CVD-Diamond?
The largest Sumicrystal Diamond is □3×1.0mmt and the largest CVD-Diamond is □5×0.4mmt.
Is it possible to form CVD diamond on the surface of Copper base plate?
Due to big difference in thermal expansion between Copper and CVD Diamond, it is not possible to deposit CVD Diamond on Copper or Aluminum plate.
Could you produce ceramic heatspreader in accordance with our specific design?
If the shape is relatively simple, a custom-made ceramic heatspreader is available. Please send us a drawing or a simple illustration.
How much is specific heat capacity of Mg-SiC?
0.74kJ/(kg・K). Please refer to our catalog.
Do you offer free samples, so we can try them out and evaluate?
We can offer free samples in condition that you let us know how you evaluate our samples of thermal performance and the result of the evaluation. Please feel free to contact us.
Do you have data of thermal conductivity and coefficient of thermal expansion at temperature that are not shown in your catalog?
We can show you the data at temperature that are not shown in our catalog as well.
How much is the largest size of Cu-Mo?
The largest size is dependent on thickness and material. When the thickness is 1mm, for instance, the largest size is 500×150(mm). Please contact us by the inquiry form.
Could you tell us availability of complex machining for making hole or protrusion on Cu-Mo?
Complex machining is avalable for making hole or protrusion.
Could you tell us the electrical properties of Al-SiC and Mg-SiC?
Please refer to our catalog for material properties including electrical properties.
How much is the largest size of Al-SiC and Mg-SiC?
The largest size is normally □50×1(mm) for A-lSiC, and approx. 200×150×5(mm) for Mg-SiC. There is a case we can make larger case, however, depending on your drawing.
We are looking for insulation plate between power device and water cooling heatsink. Do you have any suitable heatspreader?
We recommend Aluminium Nitride(AlN).
Do you offer heatspreader with AuSn(Gold Tin) solder?
Yes, AuSn (Gold Tin) solder is available. Let us know your specification or drawing.
What is the most suitable heatspreader material for GaN devices?
In terms of material characteristic, Cu-diamond is most applicable, but Cu-diamond can be costly. We recommend Cu-Diamond (Copper Diamond), Ag-Diamond (Silver Diamond), CPC and Cu-Mo (Copper Molybdenum) in accordance with size, specification and quantity.
How much is the surface roughness of diamond heatspreader?
Surface roughness of Sumicrystal and CVD diamond is Ry0.2um or less, Cu-Diamond(DC60) is Ra0.4um or less and Ag-Diamond(AD90)is Ra1.0um or less.
What is the difference between Mg-SiC and Al-SiC?
Both are composite material with Sillicon carbide. Mg-SiC contains Magnesium, while Al-SiC contains Aluminium. Please refer to our catalog for material properties.
If you have a standard item for Cu-Mo and Ag-Diamond, could you tell us the size, the specification, and the estimated price?
We do not have a standard item for Cu-Mo and Ag-Diamond. We draw a design and make a quotation individually for the size and specification you request.
We need a certificate of non-applicability when shipping our parts to overseas according to Japansese Export Trade Control Order.
Please contact with our sales, and we will send you certificate of non-applicability.