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A.L.M.T. Corp.

Machinery, others


Grinding wheel profile forming unit</br> "Rotary Dresser drive unit"

A drive unit to enable the rotary dresser to operate at its fullest capacity.

Truing Unit</br>"Brake Dresser"

A dresser for truing and dressing of diamond/CBN wheels.

Coolant "ODIUP"

Water-soluble grinding fluid developed to make the best use of the merits of changing the process by use of loose abrasive grains to the process by use of bonded abrasive grains.

Ultra precision dressing system "TACUMINO Dress"</br> [Selling] Sumitomo Electric Tool Net

This system dresses grinding wheels precisely without waste by use of the AE sensor system.

General grinding wheel by TYROLIT </br>「CSS ULTRA」

A cylindrical grinding wheel that employs high quality abrasive grains bonded by innovative bond sintering technology.

Applications・Various automotive parts such as crank shafts
・Various bearing parts such as ball bearings
・Other machine parts
General grinding wheel by TYROLIT </br>「STRATO ULTRA」

A grinding wheel of porous structure for creep feed grinding.

Applications・Various profile processing of turbine parts
・Profile processing of various machine parts
・Profile processing of various cutting tools
General grinding wheel by TYROLIT </br>「VIPER ULTRA」

Most suitable for processing of turbine blades, nozzle guides, etc. by the VIPER processing system (patent pending in Japan).

Applications・For MAKINO iGRINDER G5 (Size Φ220x10 to 45xΦ32)
・For BRIDGEPORT FGC2 (Size Φ250x10 to 45xΦ32)
・For MAKINO A99 (Size Φ300x10 to 50xΦ32/60)
General grinding wheel by TYROLIT</br>「MIRA ULTRA」

A gear grinding wheel that does not use expensive sintered alumina abrasive grains.

Applications・Grinding of automotive and machine tool parts
・Usable on various gear grinding machines such as Reishauer, Kapp, Liebherr and Samputensili
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