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PCD Milling cutters

PCD Milling cutters
PCD Milling cutters

The employment of diamond has improved the tool life significantly.

This tool improves the efficiency of machining of not only planes, but also free curved surface and grooving. We manufacture tools of specifications required by customers such as the holder-integrated body type and cutting edge replacement type.


  • The employment of diamond improves the machined surface roughness and minimizes burrs. The tool life has been improved significantly. The tool design unique to diamond enables high-speed cutting. This tool ensures consistent machining when emulsion water-soluble cutting fluid is used.


Non-ferrous metal parts such as automotive aluminum parts, engine valve guide holes, resin molded parts, aluminum die-cast alloys and spectacle lenses


  • Automobile/transportation equipment,Optical/precision equipment,Semiconductor/electronics、Machine/tool,Others

Work Material

  • Nonferrous metal material,Glass/ceramics,Magnetic material,Composite material,Semiconductor material,Resin/rubber,Others

Processing Method

  • Hole/milling,Others

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