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A.L.M.T. Corp.

Wheel for flute grinding
"Flute MAX"

Wheel for flute grinding </br>"Flute MAX"
Wheel for flute grinding </br>"Flute MAX"
Wheel for flute grinding </br>"Flute MAX"

Demonstrates high performance in high-load grinding using water-soluble grinding fluid.

A resin bond wheel equipped with both good sharpness and long life realized by using super-heat resistant resin and special filler.
This wheel has good sharpness and good shape retention in creep feed grinding of various tools such as grooving of end mills, drills and reamers.


  • The use of resin having high heat resistant properties minimizes degradation of bond properties under high temperature conditions. The effect of super-heat resistant resin and special filler ensures good sharpness and shape retention in high-load grinding such as creep feed grinding. Compared with general resin bond wheels, the feed rate can be increased and the dressing intervals can be extended to contribute to improvement of grinding efficiency and cost reduction.


Grooving of end mills/drills/reamers, breaker grinding of cutting edge replacement chips, and heavy grinding of various tools and special steel tools


  • Machine/tool

Work Material

  • Carbide/cermet, ferrous material

Processing Method

  • Surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, flute grinding

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