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Resin bond wheels


Wheel for flute grinding </br>"Flute MAX"

This wheel has good sharpness and shape retention in creep feed grinding of various tools such as grooving of end mills, drills and reamers.

ApplicationsGrooving of end mills/drills/reamers, breaker grinding of cutting edge replacement chips, and heavy grinding of various tools and special steel tools
Super-heat resistant resin bonded wheels</br>"RESIACE"

This wheel demonstrates its high performance in heavy grinding of difficult-to-cut materials such as cemented carbide and cermet. In particular, in grinding operations where the heat resistance of the bond plays a critical role, this wheel offers both of good sharpness and high shape retention simultaneously.

ApplicationsGrooving of end mill/drill/reamer, breaker grinding of cutting edge replacement chips, and grinding of other tools (cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, etc.)
Wheel for cermet grinding </br>"Hybrid wheel"

A hybrid structure of special metal bond having good sharpness and resin bond. The outstanding sharpness enables high efficiency and high quality grinding of difficult-to-cut cermet materials.

ApplicationsCircumference grinding of hard-to-cut cermet, surface grinding, various grinding of cemented carbide and hard-to-cut ceramics
Wheel for cutting edge replacement chip thickness </br>"Flat Master"

This wheel can retain its good sharpness in grinding the thickness of cutting edge replacement chips made of carbide and cermet materials.

ApplicationsThickness processing of cutting-edge replacement chips of carbide/cermet
Wheel for circumference grinding & cutting edge finishing </br>"Flank Master Type-R"

The employment of the "BFX Bond" developed for circumference grinding realizes both of high efficiency grinding and long life.

ApplicationsCutting-edge processing of cutting-edge replacement chips of carbide/cermet
Wheel for precision cutting/grooving </br>"Fine Blade resin bond type"

A large-size thin blade wheel for precision cutting & grooving. Since this type has high blade thickness accuracy and run-out accuracy, it is ideal for processing of precision molds of cemented carbide and ceramics.

ApplicationsGrooving and cutting of carbide and ceramics precision molds, precision grooving and cutting of ferrite parts of magnetic materials
Double-ended surface grinding </br>Resin bond wheels

The long-lasting good sharpness and high dressing performance/wear resistance improve the grinding efficiency significantly.

ApplicationsMass-production double-ended surface grinding including pump parts for air-conditioner, oil pump parts for cars, engine parts of cars, magnetic material parts, and ceramics parts
Centerless grinding </br>Resin bond wheel

The employment of bond that has high grain holding power and excellent surface dressing performance ensures long-lasting good sharpness and grinding efficiency improvement.

ApplicationsMass production OD finishing of round bar material such as cemented carbide, ceramics and ferrous material
Resin bond cutting wheels

These wheels can meet various cutting requirements. They exhibit excellent performance in cutting various materials.

ApplicationsPrecision cutting of various ceramics, quartz, glass, ferrite, etc.
Profile grinding </br>"PGV wheel/PGS wheel (resin bond type)"

The highly wear-resistant bond that has been developed for profile grinding operations is employed. This wheel enables grinding with minimum shape deformation.

ApplicationsProfile grinding of cemented carbide, cermet, etc.
Wheel for precision cutting/grooving </br>"High-rigid body cutting wheels"

Since a highly rigid body is employed, the feed rate can be increased to provide high efficiency cutting and high cutting accuracy.

ApplicationsHigh efficiency and high precision cutting of various ceramics, glass and magnetic materials
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