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A.L.M.T. Corp.

Double-ended surface grinding
Resin bond wheels

Double-ended surface grinding </br>Resin bond wheels
Double-ended surface grinding </br>Resin bond wheels

The dressing performance and high wear resistance have been realized at a high level.

This is a resin bond wheel that has abrasive grains optimized to improve the retention of sharpness in double-ended surface grinding and the good dressing performance & wear resistance realized simultaneously.
The CBN grains used realize excellent performance in grinding ferrous sintered alloy parts.
The diamond grains used enable high efficiency grinding of magnetic material parts and ceramic parts.


  • The long-lasting good sharpness and high dressing performance/wear resistance improve the productivity significantly.


Mass-production double-ended surface grinding including pump parts for air-conditioner, oil pump parts for cars, engine parts of cars, magnetic material parts, and ceramics parts


  • Automobile/transportation equipment, machine/tool, bearings, semiconductor/electronics

Work Material

  • Ferrous material, glass/ceramics, machine/tool, magnetic material

Processing Method

  • Double-ended surface grinding

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