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Applications of cemented carbide

Cemented carbide is used mainly in cutting, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and mining tools, as well as various other fields to utilize its corrosion resistance and other characteristics.
We mainly produce high-precision thin blades, high-precision polishing plates, and cemented carbide rods.

Abrasion resistant, impact resistant tools

High-precision thin blades

Cemented carbide cutting blade

Used for cutting green sheet for electronic parts, film, foil and fiber

Cemented carbide pins

Cemented carbide pin

Utilized as a high-hardness, high-strength material for dot printer pins, punch pins and so forth.

High-precision polishing plates

Cemented carbide plate

Utilized in medical and industrial fields.

Cemented carbide pipes

Cemented carbide pipe

Used as nozzles for industrial products and pipes for electrodes.