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Thermal Live 2021 was a successful event! Thank you for joining.


A.L.M.T. Corp. will have a technical webinar at “Thermal Live 2021”, the world’s largest online thermal management event, scheduled from 19-21, October, 2021.
There we will have the technical webinar about our latest thermal management product, “Ag-Diamond heatspreader”.

Thermal Live 2021
・Dates : 19-21 October, 2021
・Place: ONLINE (Registration is necessary.)

About Our Webinar

・Presentation Title
      New composites material of Silver and Diamond for high-performance device

・Time of the presentation
      October 21st at 1:45 PM EDT (You can watch it later in archived version.)

  Ag-Diamond Heatspreader ----High thermal conductivity, more than 600 W/(m・K)

※ For further detailed information about the event, please check the official website below.