Crucibles for crystal growth

Ideal for growing various types of single crystals
We provide both sintered and drawn products according to the single crystal growth method. We can also manufacture ultra-large size crucibles (D600xH600mm), which are usually difficult to manufacture. The high density and uniform metallurgical structure of these crucibles ensure long life even after repeated use, and they are widely used, especially as crucibles for growing single crystal sapphire.

Applications For growing single crystal sapphire, etc.


  Materials Size
Outsize diameter (mm)
× Height (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Sintered products Molybdenum (max)D400×H400
Tungsten / molybdenum alloys (max)D300×H300
Tungsten (max)D200×H200
Spinning product Molybdenum (max)D600×H600 (max)15.0、(min)1.0

* Please contact us for specifications beyond those listed above.