Tungsten monoblocks

"Tungsten with high thermal shock resistance."
We have developed a tungsten material suitable for the experimental fusion reactor ITER and manufactured a tungsten monoblock by bonding tungsten and oxygen-free copper using a special bonding method. Compared with conventional materials, the developed material showed no significant surface protuberance due to deformation and excellent thermal stability, and was certified as the world's first tungsten with high thermal shock resistance under the conditions far exceeding the requirements of the ITER Organization.

Applications Divertor of fusion reactors

Challenge to develop "tungsten with high thermal shock resistance"

The ITER project is an international project that aims to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion energy as a viable candidate for decarbonization. To ensure stable operation of ITER, tungsten, which is subjected to high-temperature heating and cooling cycles, must have excellent thermal shock resistance.
To meet these requirements, A.L.M.T. Corp. has developed a tungsten material that suppresses the growth of recrystallized grains caused by high-temperature heating. We fabricated a small divertor test piece and a prototype monoblock from the developed material, and evaluated their performance in a thermal load test simulating a nuclear fusion reactor. In particular, the evaluation results of the prototype greatly exceeded the ITER Organization's requirements, and our developed material was recognized as the world's first "tungsten with high thermal shock resistance."

次世代放熱基板 電鉄IGBT用MAGSIC

Integrated production from raw materials to processing is our strength

We are engaged in integrated production from powder to processed products. By taking advantage of this strength, we have successfully developed a new material, "tungsten monoblock with high thermal shock resistance," through repeated trial production in-house, and it has been highly evaluated around the world. We have also launched a new line utilizing robots and IoT to support mass production, achieving highly efficient production and enhanced quality control.

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