For venting and preventing welding of baked products
Furnace components such as setters and heaters for venting gases generated during sintering of ceramics and other materials.

Applications Sintering jigs for high-temperature furnaces, etc.

Mesh dimensions (general products)

Width × length
Wire diameter 
1000×1000 0.35 24 44

* Please contact us for specifications beyond those listed above.

List of materials for mesh


Materials Purity(%) Additive Note
W 99.95 min. None The most common pure tungsten material. Among tungsten, it has good workability, excellent corrosion resistance, and low impurity gas content.
MOP  99.95 min. None It is the most common pure molybdenum material and has a high melting point and excellent high-temperature strength. It also has high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, and excellent workability.