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Cemented carbides

Ultra-thin & ultrafine, High precision,  Ultrafine grain

We offer cemented carbide materials mixed and sintered with our own raw material powders. From selection of raw material powders to proposing alloy shapes such as square plates and round rods, we will design and manufacture ideal products to meet customer requests.


Product category

Precision square knife

High-precision Thin-bladed Ultra-Hard Blade

In addition to films and foils, corner blades and round blades for cutting molded bodies before sintering with high precision are available. Their wear/buckling resistance can be expected.

Precision round knife

Ultra-hard polishing plate

An ultra-thin plate with a minimum thickness of 50 μm is achieved. With its less warped property and surface cleaning technology, it is used for applications requiring cleanness.

Precision rod

Precision Rod

Used as a high hardness and high strength material; also expected as an ultra-precise tool for processing semiconductor-related products.