Tungsten sheets/ plates

Tungsten plates utilizing our original rolling know-how
We also manufacture tungsten, a difficult-to-process material, from thick to thin plate,utilizing our unique rolling know-how. Tungsten has the highest melting point among metals and is used for high-temperature furnace components, electrodes, and other applications. We can also supply the world's highest purity tungsten sheets for sputtering targets, taking advantages of our integrated production system from raw materials.

Applications X-ray shielding materials, furnace structural components,
electrodes, etc.

Materials guide


Materials Applications Type Machinability Bend formability Impact resistance Sputtering Density
3N-W Base plate for sintering, Boats, Heaters, Reflectors, Heatspreader materials, Weights, Spacers, Various jigs and tools Rolled
Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Excellent
4N-W Sputtering target materials, Hot press molds Rolled
Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Excellent
5N-W Sputtering target materials Rolled
Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Excellent

Types of tungsten plates

Materials purity (%)
3N-W(General) 99.95 min.
4N-W(High purity) 99.99 min.
5N-W(Ultrahigh purity) 99.999 min.
Type Density (g/cm3) Relative density (%)
18.6~19.3 96.3~100.0

Standard dimensions of tungsten plates


Thickness general tolerance ±10%
Finished surface Size(mm)
CC Grinding/Polished Honing Maximum width Maximum length
1.0~2.9 300 500
3.0~4.9 500 2000
5.0~10.0 500 1000

※ For over 10mm, please contact us for further details.