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Heatspreader materials

A.L.M.T.Corp. The worlds only true “Allied” high performance heatspreaders manufacturer.

We offer a wide variety of heatspreaders of high thermal conductivity to meet various needs of customers.


Heatspreader (heat dissipation plate) by application

Heatspreader for wireless communications

Wireless Communications

Semiconductors for wireless communications are necessary for mobile phone networks. To have stable operation of the semiconductors, heatspreaders with high thermal conductivity are indispensable. For the increased amount of heat generated from semiconductors, which is expected to be high in speed and capacity due to the widespread growth of 5G, our heatspreaders is a suitable choice.

Heatspreader for optical communications

Optical Communications

Fiber-optic networks are the foundation for high-speed and high-capacity communications. For stable operation of laser devices that oscillate optical signals, a heatspreader with a wide variety of thermal expansion and good machinability is suitable.

Heatspreaders for automotive


Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles need a large number of electronic components that require heat dissipation, such as inverters and control CPUs that convert the current of batteries from the direct current (DC) to the alternating current (AC). We have suitable heatspreaders depending on various cooling methods.

Heatspreader for High luminance LED

High Luminance LEDs

Higher luminance LED light sources are increasingly applied to automotive headlights, projectors, outdoor lighting, and other applications.
Since the LEDs generate larger amounts of heat than conventional chips, heatspreaders with higher heat dissipation efficiency are required.

Heatspreaders for laser


In addition to metal processing such as drilling, cutting, and welding, lasers are also widely used in medical applications such as laser scalpels. We offer heatspreaders with low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity for the increase of the amount of heat generation due to the higher output of semiconductor lasers.

Heatspreader for power generation

Power Generators

An offshore wind power generator, one of the new renewable energies, has a long transmission distance. So, direct current (DC) is preferred for the power. We provide heatspreaders to dissipate heat of a converter from AC to DC, and a thyristor for current control.

Heatsprader for electric railways

Electric Railways

High-speed railcars, such as bullet trains, are equipped with numerous IGBT modules that control the power of high-output motors. In order to dissipate the heat of such power devices, we provide heatspreaders with high thermal conductivity and excellent jointing property with chips and housings.

Heatspreader for industrial machinery

Industrial Machinery

Industrial robots that contribute to automation and manpower saving at production sites are equipped with high-performance semiconductor devices to control high-output motors. In order to operate the robot stably, we can provide high-performance heatspreader by our unique materials.

Heatspreader (heat dissipation plate) by Materials

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